By summer your child may suffer from various health scars. For prevention we offer you a health article that includes tips for children during the summer.

In principle, neonatal infants should not be exposed to sun, especially in the summer, and even older children can not be exposed to the sunrise of the summer. In the afternoon, the mother is also encouraged to wear her light colored cotton clothes and not to wear sun-colored clothing such as black or dark colors in general and to keep long-sleeved clothing covering the limbs and wearing If possible, use some sun creams for children without the habits

because of the sensitivity of the skin of the child does not inflame the skin, and older children also have the same advice for newborns prefer to wear cotton clothes when going out of the house, protect the eyes of the child by wearing sunglasses Which keeps the eye of the child more than 90% should be interested in this, especially that there are glasses for children to keep the eye from the sun, it must be borne in mind that there are many children and despite the small use of creams against the sun to the child he suffers from infections and this is due To Lah It is recommended that the sunscreen should be protected from creams, preferably if necessary. The sun is not affected by the exposure of the sun. It is in the times from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. The sun is completely exposed from 12 noon until 4 pm. Or snow is not useful and energy free as rumored for children in the summer, but these things that reflect the heat on the body of the child should be advised always away from the snow and sand during the high temperature, from places that are better protected from the sun to the child's eyes and nose and ear and forehead and shoulders Pediatricians The use of zinc oxide, which protects the child as a layer of insulating sun, when there is an increase in the excessive sweating of the child must be careful that the child can be exposed to drought, especially if the child exercise or play during the sun, the child during the resurrection exercise or play It is necessary to explain to him the importance of comfort between the performance of the practice of playing because it actually needs this especially in the first two weeks when the body adapts automatically to the temperature of the atmosphere, also advised the child to drink water frequently and preferably when not feel thirst because the sense of thirst is a real sense of the need of the body of water, Provide water supply Prefer not to enter the child phase of dry water with drinking liquids and natural juices and away from any drinks with caffeine or water for gas as is common because the opposite is happening, which is warming body and a feeling more thirst and is diuretic, and the child to eat four to eight glasses Of water before half hour exercise If the practice is in the hot atmosphere and eat 9 cups after the end of the exercise, the child must take places of shade during walking during peak times, preferably not in crowded places with ventilation ventilation, the mother must also Do not leave the child inside Peak Car In any case, it is better for the child to get alternatives to vitamin D than exposure to the sun because it is difficult to exposure to the sun in the summer as explained, in the end and with interest to these tips it is possible that summer passes on our children without any Harassment or diseases must be taken care of these tips by the mother and her education for the child and save God our children from any ill.